It’s wild how things happen .. sometimes by plan, but most often out of the blue or on a whim.   So, I am starting this blog NOW .. I wanted to have a more planned approach / roll-out — but have decided to seek writing gigs and need to have samples of my work – Ha!

I wanted to use the name Accidental Retiree, but someone else had already selected it, so being the quick wit I am, “Axidental Retiree” popped up – This blog has nothing to do with dentistry!

I need this blog to not only tell my story, but to also catalog my writing.

In a few weeks, it should make more sense as to where this is going, but in the mean time, please bear with me.

And so, here we go.

Today (March 21, 2014) is day 276 since I was let go from my job of sixteen and half years. That was on June 18, 2013 and makes about nine months of being out of work. Since then, I have conducted a serious full time job search. Been close to a few offers for a professional position like what I had had, but …

In recent days I have begun to wonder, more so than before – what if I don’t get that coveted role I have been searching for?

Then what?

What will I do?

Who will I be?

How do I label myself?
— “The unemployable?”
— “Long time unemployed?”
— “Retired?”
— “Semi-retired?”

“In between jobs” no longer feels good!


Well, “I am letting this all noodle for awhile”, as an old friend would say.

In the meantime, writing about my journey may help; help quell my wandering wondering mind; help me or may even help someone else or possibly, even have some entertainment value.  Who knows?

We shall see … Stay tuned!