Monday morning (March 24, 2014) – check email alerts for suitable job opportunities – No! … boring – seems like such a fruitless waste of time. If I do identify an opportunity that I feel fits me perfectly, how many others are lining up for it? To spend an hour or so to craft the right cover letter, which probably will be too long for the millennial gate keepers to read – I don’t think so. I have been doing this for nine months now with marginal results.

A side of me says that I am giving up. Am I?

Another side says something completely different. Deep inside there is a fear that unless I land a full time gig, sooner or later everything will come crashing down, so therefore keep looking. But in reality, all that I have accomplished and achieved in my career seems to be of little value to hiring managers, when the primary determinant is the cost of acquiring talent. They can get cheaper talent that can probably get the job done just fine.

So what to do?

How do I reinvent myself where I can create daily fulfillment and economic sustainability? In other words how can generate income and like what I am doing?

What can I create? How can I create, say a blog with images, ideas, words, etc., that others will want more of and through it all bring in some cash to cover my cost of living?

Weighty questions which through some networking and web surfing may reveal some astonishing results. I am optimistic ~ let’s go ~ full steam ahead!