So what does [ Day 5 a.k.a. Day 280  ] mean?

Day 5 is the 5th day since I have realized that I am now an Axidental Retiree and Day 280 is the 280th day since I was let go. Previously, I only kept track of the days I was unemployed, but now I am tracking both.

Tuesday (March 25, 2014) – Wondering and worrying about how the future will play out, specifically in regards to how ends will meet is something so paralyzing, particularly when I have no idea how things will work out! But when I dwell on the moment, it’s a whole different experience. When I am in the moment, I feel happy and the idea of infinite possibilities seems so viable. It is a fight to stay in the moment and follow through on the things that can help me. Pushing the thoughts of the future out of my mind takes practice and discipline!

I have moments when I feel so lucky!

Lucky? Yes!!  Lucky to have the opportunities I have now. To be free to pursue authentic opportunities of creative expression. Opportunities to propel my future forward! Lucky to have a voice which I am free to use.

Lucky?  You betcha!