(Saturday – March 30, 2014)

As an Axidental Retiree, being an ad hoc entrepreneur is part of who I have become – always on the lookout for ways to create income streams. You never know when a potential opportunity may present itself. Today is one of those days.

A dear friend has a collection of designs and wants me to help her; she wants me to work with her contacts to frame out business possibilities. So shortly, I will motor into New York City and commence an exploratory dialogue.

This could be an exciting opportunity or just another fishing expedition, but there is no way of knowing unless a first step is taken. Nonetheless, it’s great to get out and meet new people and engage the creative aspects of our minds.

writingThe other task for today is to decide whether to join a professional writing collaborative, where I will be paid for my assigned tasks/projects. For all of my creative efforts and adherence to their standards and scheduling, I will be handsomely compensated at the rate of $1 per 100 words – Talk about starting out on the ground floor!

Is this better than the few guest blogger opportunities (no pay) I have come upon? The benefits I see are that I will have a chance to sharpen my skills and to develop a habit and the discipline of daily production. In the end, my writing should improve, making me more readable, which should make for better paying opportunities.

Sometimes, things that do not appear attractive do have value. I am inclined to do it.

Eight hours have transpired.
I have been to the City and back. My meeting went well and ran close to two hours. And now my head is spinning with thoughts, details, possible pitfalls and ideas related to different paths we might follow. The next step is to take my thoughts and notes and put them down on paper and shape a preliminary plan. Wouldn’t it be great if within a relatively short time, we could launch a business with real potential? Ah … the American dream!