(Monday – March 31, 2014)

Today was the first episode of my freelance writing career. It began like most days – up at 6:30; coffee; getting settled; reading emails. Finally I dove in.

My task was to create content for a website – the website of a CPA firm in Chicago. The company already had a site, but apparently looking to update it. Make a homepage, an about page and three service pages in 1,500 words was my charge from my “base camp” commander. Six hours later (after an initial draft, research, editing, more editing, and more editing, word counting …), I submitted my final proof.

Basecamp is online web portal to manage projects of all sorts. One logs in, views open projects which have details related to needed writing tasks to be completed. You review what’s open and select what appeals to you. Then go do your thing. When finished you upload your stuff and look for more work to claim. So far, I have seen numerous cookie cutter website jobs requiring 1,500 words like the one I just submitted. I have also seen few jobs for 400 to 650 word articles about things I could care less about.

For all my time and effort, the fee was close to $15 – that’s two and half bucks an hour. If you calculate my expenses (I had to register for Copyscape, software to verify my work is original and not plagiarized, for $10), I netted $5 or 83 cents an hour! Not bad for a day’s work!

No worries – the sense of accomplishment was priceless! Now, I am a writer.

(by the way, this piece is 263 words)