infiniteApril 3, 2014

We have all heard the expression “it was meant to be.” How powerful these five small words are – they can diffuse the most intense levels of anxiety, fear, doubt or uncertainty. A not so distant cousin to, “it was meant to be” is “it is what it is.”

So what if “it was meant to be” is true; really true? And that everything happens for a reason and that things happen at the “right” time, according to some big universal clock. Perhaps, for reasons we do not know or we are unable to comprehend, it is true. Add to our sense of disbelief to the “grand design” notion, the astonishment we feel by the timing of events that happen out of nowhere or just as we imagine them. When such moments arise which provide validation, it simply blows our minds.

It can be liberating to think or believe that regardless of what we want, or think we need, or like, or what others’ expectations are, our experiences seem to unfold according to some master plan (one in which we are significant contributors or even directors).

I have been pondering this lately and have gained much comfort by not fixating on outcomes I’d like to have and accepting things as they come, by trusting the universe to handle things when it all gets too much for me. There have been times when the uncertainties in my future seemed so intense, and to release myself from the mental paralysis, I would think, “Lord, I give up; I am in your hands.” Remarkably, the heavy dreadful feelings would lift and I would be able to re-center, re-set and start moving forward again.

To be proactive, I now constantly look for triggers all around me to help jump start positive expectations, keep my energy high and propel me to be totally engaged. Such triggers can be as small as a smile from a stranger or getting a phone call from someone I was just thinking of. TV shows with strong emotional messages or deep positive meanings work. Seeing rainbows or young children’s innocent faces, also work.

A recent favorite trigger was seeing, while passing an airport book and magazine concession, a book title, “You will get through this.” And not too long ago, while driving in my car, I was thinking “you were meant to be here” and that exact lyric came over the radio in an Emerson, Lake and Palmer song! But of all possible triggers, that sublime feeling of just “knowing” tops them all!

“It was meant to be” is more than a rationalization to handle or cope with rejection or “bad” things that happen. If you really believe that “it was meant to be,” two things are implicit, 1) not attaching judgment (labeling it good or bad) to outcomes and 2) acceptance: knowing the specific outcome, fits into a bigger picture. This allows one to stay on course with the grander primary goal of realizing a happy, blissful existence.

I have this image of a huge cauldron, in which everyone’s thoughts, ideas, dreams and beliefs, flow into. The contents constantly swirl and stir and minute by minute, second by second, separate unified realities come pouring out. So if all the contributing ingredients contain more sugar, the outcomes will be sweeter. If more doubts are added, desired results may linger. The cauldron works similarly to the biblical expression “You reap what you sow” or as we might say “you get out what you put in.”

The difference is that it is not solely individual and that there is a collective community aspect associated. Accordingly, it behooves us to not only, put out positive energy for ourselves and desires, etc., but to distribute positive energy to friends, family, community, and, “Yes,” even adversaries. Some might say this is prayer. Others might use labels like ESP, where P stands for Projection. However one labels or defines this phenomenon, when we experience it, see it validated, it is awesome and reinforces our ability to trust the universe.