(Wednesday – April 2, 2014)

jobNotwithstanding my status as an Axidental Retiree in pursuit of interesting income opportunities, my other labels include “unemployed,” “out of work” and “in between.” Accordingly, I am still looking for that elusive full time lucrative IT executive job. I daily check out the ads on Careerbuilder, Monster, Glassdoor and Ziprecruiter, to name a few of the more popular web job search boards. Occasionally I submit an application. More and more the opportunities do not resonate, but every now and then – Bingo! And I apply to one with great anticipation – only to wait and wait and wait. Usually, I don’t hear back with a request to schedule an interview. But sometimes I do.

Today is one of those surprise days – not just one call back, but two. The first was from a prominent non profit in NYC. I have made it to the long list of potential candidates to be their new VP of IT. I applied on March 27th and they called back in less than a week. That’s almost unheard of. They want me. And the next day I have an hour and half phone interview with their HR department, which went great! And now back to wait and see if I make it to the short list.

The other call back is from a NYC government agency I applied to over two months before. Although I have professional contacts lobbying for me behind the scenes – you just never know if you will get that call back and lo and behold, I do. An hour meeting is scheduled with three NYC government executives for Tuesday, April 8th. Now I needed to brush up my pitch, review my “elevator speech,” do some research on the agency and the people I will be meeting with and prep, prep, prep.

It’s great going into an interview with a couple of possible opportunities in play and a Plan B – Plan B is code for what I now refer to as my other interesting income opportunities. No longer is there any reason to be anxious, desperate or nervous and I can be myself and let nature take its course. Got to get dressed and catch my train, soon – Wish me luck!