April 13, 2014

anitaIn early 2012, I was channel surfing one evening and came across Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS during one of those membership drive broadcasts. Immediately, I was completely absorbed by his story about a woman, Anita Moorjani, who had been in a coma, on her death bed with stage four cancer. Her organs were shutting down and her life expectancy was limited, a day or two, if not hours.

In her last moments, she experienced a near death experience (NDE) where she realized her inherent worth, her divine magnificence and managed to survive her pending death. She now knew her purpose and with her epiphany, was ready for a new life – one in which fear, of any kind, had no place. Within a couple of weeks, she was fully healed without any trace of her earlier symptoms of cancer; her doctors were amazed, to say the least.

Following her remarkable survival, Anita wrote a book, “Dying to Be Me,” in which Dr. Dyer wrote the forward and PBS was highlighting; it was making available as a gift to new PBS members. Totally intrigued, I downloaded the Kindle eBook version and read it non-stop.

In the course of Anita’s NDE, she learned that her illness was caused by her fears and that living without fear (Living Fearlessly) was the key to healing. Her book is inspiring and her revelations about how all of us are of a divine nature, one of true magnificence, grabbed me. It seemed so logical and I, too, wanted to achieve that same degree of awareness she had revealed in her book.

Having finished her book, how would I shift my awareness and live, fearlessly, daily with the complete sense of knowing my own magnificence? It would not be enough to know her truth. Each day I would need to re-set my mindset with my new belief and counter negative beliefs and thoughts with divine expectations.

I needed more reinforcements, but where could I find them? As it would happen, I would come across other books about spiritual miracles, healers and philosophies supporting what I had read in Anita’s book. Without hesitation, I began to read and look at anything I found that echoed the messages of “Dying to Be Me,” which included some of Dr. Dyer’s work.