(Wednesday – April 16, 2014)

Calm_Sunset_by_CannabianToday I started a 21 day meditation challenge hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. This challenge is free and sponsored a few times a year. Its purpose is to acquaint people with mediation and provide an easy way to experience it. The challenge enables beginners to become comfortable with meditation and to cultivate a daily practice of meditating. The focus of the Spring 2014 challenge is “Finding Your Flow.”

For 21 days (there is also a 22nd bonus day at the end), one goes online (having previously registered) to the session of the day. The sessions are guided – meaning listeners are led by Oprah and Deepak. At the start, Oprah gives a short introduction, followed by Deepak sharing the day’s insights, relevant wisdom and a specific mantra for the day. After which, you meditate for about 10 minutes with gentle soothing background sounds, usually soft music.

The site permits guests to post and read one another’s comments. Millions of people around the world participate, including newbies as well as regulars who have meditated for years. I have been meditating for some time, but still like these challenges. Deepak’s insights are so powerful and profound – they help me regain my balance.

For me, meditation provides so much. It is very subtle, but when you realize the benefits, it is difficult to ignore and you are compelled to continue meditating regularly. One just needs to try it, but so many people I know, won’t. I find that strange. It does not take long and costs nothing. Why then would anyone not just give it a shot – particularly, when Oprah & Deepak’s meditation challenges make it all the more easy to do a “test drive.”

Meditation gives me some extremely powerful coping tools. I feel inner peace and calm by knowing that with each breath I take, I am tapped into an amazing unlimited loving power within me that is connected to the universe. Pretty incredible! Over time and practice, my meditation has elevated to the point where sometimes, I have the most profound insights, which provide guidance and direction for me. Because I know the essence of the source, I act with certainty and confidence.

My stress levels are very low and I believe I can credit meditation for that. And as a result of having low stress levels, my mind and body are in a constant state of healing and repelling of disease, without my having any conscious awareness of what is taking place. Meditation is the wonder “drug’ of the ages. If you are not into it yet, try it! Give meditation a fair shake and you will be pleased with what you receive back.