(Saturday – April 19, 2014)

time1There are few things everyone agrees on – one is the incomprehensibility of how the passage of time occurs. In some ways we are in a time machine and are transported here and there either at light speed or at a snail’s pace. What determines the perception of how quickly time moves, is unknown. Some say time is a function of interest or attention to the events or activities we are engaged in. Perhaps time transpires as a function of our own internal clocks; how fast or slow we can regulate our awareness or our ability to be in the moment.

Last night I dropped by a local restaurant, where my friend Scott James was performing live music in the bar area. I ran into Jill and Abe, who I haven’t seen since this past summer. In the course of our catching up, we agreed how difficult the winter had been and how quickly the season had past. It has become routine to hear the disbelief people express when talking about time flying as we move from one season to the next.

We are now in the latter part of April and within a few weeks, my daughter will have completed her first year of college. It seems like it was just yesterday and I was giving her driving lessons when she was in high school. And a few years ago, when my son was applying to schools and we had no idea where he‘d eventually wind up attending – my wife and I found ourselves at his college graduation. How does this happen when we are solidly in a place and before we know it, we are somewhere else completely.

Living 30 miles from New York City is great. Getting in and out of the city is relatively a breeze, even though there are regular traffic issues to contend with. My son now lives in Murray Hill and we pop in occasionally to visit. The drive can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes – total lapsed time can be 2 to 4 hours, depending on the purpose of the trip. I can recall the many times I have been in the car, just heading in to Manhattan and then in a flash – I am returning, on the exit ramp from the LIE in the final stretch to home. Where did that slice of life disappear to?

It is now ten months since being laid off from my full time job, and for the life of me, I cannot believe where the time has gone. There have been days that seemed to run into one another, with little to distinguish one from the next. It can be eight in the morning and then it is 4:30 in the afternoon – And I am clueless as to where the day went and what, if anything, did I accomplish.

I suppose, time, is just another one of life’s mysteries that we get to ponder, wonder about, debate and contemplate on. Until the secret of time is revealed to me, probably when the game clock has expired and I am out of time, I will do my best to be in the moment. I wonder how long it will take. Time will tell!

(By the way, this piece took me 45 minutes to draft and 15 or so to edit.)