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(Saturday – May 3, 2014)

Getting here to post sundry commentaries and diary items has become increasingly difficult. Time has grown shorter in sync with the pick up in activity that often coincides with this time of year. Perhaps the recent reports about the improvement in joblessness, is spilling over across the board. All I can say is that I am busier now that the weather is nicer.

bubblewsOne of my new distractions is Bubblews – an international social media site for aspiring writers, poets, bloggers and just about anyone who wants to share their thoughts and ideas.

The Bubblews community is a patent pending system that enables users to enjoy a community (without cost) and share in the ad revenue growth. The revenue model is simple: They split the ad revenue from each post with the author getting 50/50. You also get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather. It can take time to build up to the $50 minimum payout, but if you are very prolific and social, before you know it, you have reached the minimum.

You can check out Bubblews at: http://bit.ly/QVAMST

My other distraction has been some bona fide consulting work for real money! One of my “clients” from an earlier gig a few years ago contacted me with some interest in moving forward on the work we had done previously. So, I have been framing out what that might look like. Today, alone I spent 4 ½ hours on this – Ka Ching!

It is strange how things work. I focus energy on getting a full time position and consulting gigs show up. I focus on consulting engagements and job opportunities pop up – I have an interview Monday! Go figure.