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may 2014May 2014 is winding down and has been interesting, to say the least. One thing seems clear – If this is “retirement,” then someone needs to tell Webster!

I continue to send out resumes to job postings. But, more and more, the job descriptions resonate less. Out of the blue, an executive search firm reaches out to me with what appears to be an ideal position, a senior tech role at a fundraising non-profit organization. This opportunity heats up fast, with five interviews within ten days. And as quickly as it is moving, Boom! It implodes. No matter, why or what for – put it behind and move on.

While this is going on, I am doing a little website consulting for my old friend Mutso. This is making for some nice income and the possibility for a longer term ongoing gig. I also visit this site called “Gradsavers” that posts small social media tasks which you are compensated for with “credits” that can be redeemed for payments to student loans. It’s another currency which I am using to offset some of my son’s college debt – so far I have booked $200!

Lastly, there have been some conversations with a business advisory consultant I met online for possible franchise opportunities. I am now looking at a franchise for adult (senior) non-medical care services and another as a digital marketing consultant.  Vastly different opportunities, but both have caught my interest.

More and more the message “You need to create it on your own” or variations that reinforce an entrepreneurial direction keep coming to me. It appeals greatly to me to take charge of my destiny, but I keep wondering “Do I have what it takes?” And just like my perfect job that evaporated, I put my doubts behind and move on.

Whatever happens, so be it – I just hope June is as busy or more so as May was!