The Secret of Time

Where comes the joy I know to be true
when set free to be, I always knew

Does the light that shines upon me
live within or without, eternally

To travel this road seeing signs along the way
Taking me further to a land of awe and joy

How is it so that this infinite place
Of mind and spirit where thoughts gives grace

In the beat of my heart echoes
the steadfast rhythm of my soul

Knowing this is all I can behold
My senses don’t know unless they are told

Shine forth into my heart
With lightness of heavenly stars

Making moments as if they were divine
Showing me secrets my heart knew all the time

(April 27, 2014)

One Morning’s Meditation

On the brink of daybreak, the master mentor comes with tidings of hope and love.

He speaks with softness in powerful prose that lightens our load.

His message is different from day to day, but always the same, everyday.

Those who listen, gleefully step forward on his path.

Comfort and hope abound triumphantly.

Today, he asks that we use our voice to speak the dreams we so deeply need.

We learn that if we do, we shall be redeemed.

The words we use have the power to lift and favor us with enlightenment and harmony.

But with many distractions and mixed messages, our exact arrival is never certain, only abiding.

(April 24, 2014)