never always

While driving in my car, I get some of my best ideas and inspirations. This past Sunday, the word NEVER flashed into my consciousness. There are many phrases and clichés that stem from never, but what followed for me was:

  •  Never Give Up and
  •  It’s Never Too Late

Such great thoughts to hold onto! Then Never’s flip side, ALWAYS, flashed, followed with:

  •  Always Expect Positive Outcomes and
  •  Always, Always Believe (in yourself and your dreams)

How positive! Later that day while chatting with a friend, she told me how my wife marvels at how positive I am. That sparked a recollection of another friend who told me (at the time I became an Axidental Retiree) how I was the most positive person she knew.

Really? I don’t think of myself as being particularly positive or negative. I have grown to accept things as they are, as they come along and to make the best of situations. I try to not label events in my life as good or bad, positive or negative. If that’s being positive, so be it.

I just want to be happy. That means embracing the moment, in all its glorious joyousness without regrets about the past or worries about the future or the things I cannot control. I can only control the moment; how I choose to be in it; my reactions to the things happening right now. I choose to be happy – even if I am not happy about all the circumstances in my life.

Believe it or not – It is that simple! It does take practice and mindfulness (being acutely aware of what is going on inside your self). The practice of daily mediation has been very helpful in cultivating mindfulness and over time it becomes second nature.