Here it is the end of December and it’s not been since June that I have posted anything. Where’d the time go?

June, July and August were a very busy time with lots of job possibilities. At one point I had 6 prospects. At another time, hopefully soon, I’ll get into that, but needless to say, one of those prospects did pan out and that is why my posts have dried up.

In August I took a full time job as the head of IT for a NYC non-profit providing shelters, etc. to homeless women and their families. It’s now over 4 months on the job – so busy – I keep reminding myself that that is a good thing.

Gladly, I am no longer an Axidentally Retiree!

Throughout my 14 month job hiatus, there had been many ups and downs and opportunities where I had been forced to dig deep to cope and not give up. Actually, I never really believed that giving up was an option.

The most significant thing I learned, or should I say, experienced, on a primal level, was that one’s positive-ness is key; absolutely essential; totally non-negotiable. Often times, people set limiting boundaries and expectations; not knowing how sabotaging such a mindset can be on achieving one’s desired outcomes.

Towards the latter part of my “retirement”, the notion “You were meant to be here” came to me in the most profound way; this too I will go into another time. Suffice it to say, knowing I was meant to be here, whatever that means, gave me a deep, solemn inner peace that all would work out. I no longer was stressed and was able to take it one day at a time with no concerns or worries about the future. What a gift!

Now that I am back on the job and fully engaged in organizational dynamics, timelines and meeting expectations, the inner calm I had during my “time off” is harder to come by. One of my New Year’s Intentions is to reclaim more peace of mind.

Thank you to my friend, Michele, for inspiring me to find time to get back here.

Wishing all a joyful and peaceful 2015 ~