There are many documented benefits supporting cultivating a practice of meditation – to name only a few are:  relaxation, stress reduction, improved concentration, increased self-awareness and slowing down the aging process.

There is one benefit, though, that I find remarkable and that is through meditation one can heighten their ability to receive intuitive messages.   I recently listened to a Hay House podcast by Cheryl Richardson, bestselling author and life coach.   Among the many insights she shares, Cheryl relates something her colleague, Thomas Leonard has repeatedly told her:

“Life will send you messages; if you pay attention and follow through on those messages, you will grow.    If, however, you don’t, Life will send you a lesson.    If you don’t heed the lesson, Life will send you a problem.    And if you don’t work out the problem, Life will send you a full blown crisis.”

Over the years I have meditated – sometimes very consistently and other times not so much.   I have found that under periods of great stress, meditation has helped remarkably to chill me out.  The reduced stress enables me to re-focus and get back in the game.

Most recently, I have been mixing meditation and affirmations and find that my attitude, expectations and mindset are very positive.  My happiness quotient is elevated.   Meditation has become a daily necessity for me.   Every morning I find time to immerse myself in quiet stillness and throughout the day I practice mindfulness breathing exercises to reset my mind.

Receiving subtle intuitive messages is happening more frequently and unexpectedly during the day.  When I recognize such a message, it is as if my soul is speaking to me and saying “you see, I told you so.”   I cannot help but take notice and light up with renewed confidence that I am on the right path.   With all the benefits of meditation, I am completely on board – try it – it may work for you – “See you in Gap.”