The other morning I was listening to a meditation podcast by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  The podcast was titled “Morning Meditation.”  This 20 minute guided meditation can empower one to achieve more fruitful manifesting of one’s desires according Wayne and his experience with it.   In the meditation, Wayne instructs listeners to articulate the sound Ah through one’s mouth on the out breath (exhale) .  He also incorporates numerous positive affirmations which are powerfully profound.

As I was participating in the mediation on my morning commute aboard a Long Island Railroad train, I could not utter Ah on my exhales, even though I was not in the “quiet car.”   The construction workers (I take a 5:30 am train) would not be too keen on me disturbing their naps.  So I just imagined I was uttering Ah and fixated on Wayne’s voice as he did.

Admittedly, I was not particularly wowed.  One really must utter Ah to enjoy the full effect.  I “vowed” I’d give it a shot one day when I’d be in the privacy of my own home or someplace where I wouldn’t disrupt others’ peace and quiet.

As I was exiting the train after it arrived at Penn Station, I noticed a women.  She was attractive and hard not to notice.   She had a large bag draped across her shoulder and on the bag were two large letters: A & H.

I was stunned.   What a coincidence?   Or was it?