It was a sunny afternoon, July 11th 2018, around 1:30 and I had gone for a walk, having been in the office for hours.  As I crossed 31st Street, I noticed a woman wearing a purple T-shirt with the NYU Langone Hospital logo on it. I was immediately reminded of something that had been repeatedly coming up for me – to contact NYU to release my records to a kidney transplant doctor for my friend in need of a kidney.  It was time to act – that night I sent an email.

As I continued my walk, my thoughts drifted to the stress I was feeling from work, specifically the energy drain I was experiencing with certain individuals.   The phrase “Energy Vampires” rang out loud and clear.  The Sunday earlier I had been hanging out with a friend and she had mentioned “Energy Vampires.”    Later that afternoon on my train ride home from work, I listened to a podcast by Christiane Northrup, MD.   As I listened, I googled her and saw that she had written a book titled “Dodging Energy Vampires.”  Since there are no coincidences, I am convinced that this was a sign of some sort.

The podcast was called “Ageless and Easy”: A Day Long Adventure in Living Well.  Dr. Northrup shared many eye opening and powerful concepts and I was rapt with interest.  At one point in her talk she played a rendition of “Unchained Melody” from the movie Ghost.  I flashed back some twenty plus years when I had seen the movie with my wife.

In the movie there was a scene where this murderer dies and is transitioning.  These dark force creatures come and take him away in a most scary way.   At that point in the movie I had what I could only describe as a religious experience. Or perhaps it was an awakening.  In the deepest part of my being I felt a profound sense of confirmation of the certainty in the existence of divine universal intelligence.  For hours after the movie had ended I felt euphoric and the feeling stayed with me for some time and ultimately drifted.

The podcast had a similar effect on me.  I believe there is a sign here and also in the other events that took place that day.  That sign is a big arrow, pointing in the direction I am heading.   Stay on course.