download2Last week I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful Saturday summer morning and I was listening to a podcast by Doreen Virtue, “Healing Help and Guidance from your Angels.”   Recently I had been intrigued with the notion of the existence of angels and “guides” and was curious.

Often the selections I make regarding what to listen to is not a well thought out process and more a random act.  I will stumble onto something and if seems interesting, I’ll listen.

In this particular episode, Doreen Virtue, a prolific author on angels and other spiritual subjects, was relating her experiences with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and prayer.  She also talked about Mother Mary, sometimes referred to as the assertive angel.  As I listen, I do not formulate any of my own opinions or judgments – I just listen.  I want to believe; it sounds like such good stuff.

As I am walking along a busy street with cars zipping past, I look up and see this white van drive by; on the back door in blue letters is written “Maryhaven Center of Hope.”  I smile broadly wondering “what is the message here?”   I continue walking.

The podcast continues with Doreen sharing about her attempts to quit drinking wine, something I had been thinking would be good for me to do as well.   My daily glass or two of Cabernet was a pleasant way to end the day while relaxing, but was it really good for me?  It was a habit and habits can be very difficult to discontinue.   Doreen then brought it up second time and I immediately felt a strong sense that I must stop this daily ritual!  I have not had any alcohol I over a week since.

As I continue my stroll and heading home, I noticed a shimmering glitter a few feet ahead of me.    There lies a quarter, heads up with George Washington’s face sparkling.  I stopped, bent down and picked it up thinking how cool to find some spare change.  I started to wonder that maybe there was a sign here.  Could George Washington’s face on the quarter look similar to that of an angel since angels had been the topic I’d been listening to?

When I was back home, I hopped on my computer and googled “which angel looks like George Washington?”  Regrettably, I could find nothing after many searches.  What I did find, though were stories about George Washington having been visited by Angel Moroni (most notably associated with the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints) at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78.  Fact, fiction, legend – who knows?  Yet, how ironic this connection between Washington and angels as I have angels on my mind.

July 14, 2018 – Saturday