When I meditate on my daily commute to work, I close my eyes and begin to take a few deep breaths to fully relax.   Initially, I see nothing except darkness in that space ahead of my eyes, just above the bridge of my nose.  Some call it the third eye.  To me it’s like a picture window or the “window” on the Captain’s bridge of the Star-Trek Enterprise.

At first, the session starts with only darkness.  “Balls” of light appear – small to large; not quite blinking but fading in and out; usually white in color and often light green, sometimes purple.  I have since learned that those images are energy.

Today I am listening to a guided meditation by Meggan Watterson – “Soul Voice Meditation,” intended to help one get connected to one’s soul.  At some point toward the end of my moments of stillness, this very distinctive face appears – feminine in essence – almost angelic – somewhat resembling Jim Morrison.

The face lasts a few seconds, but long enough to have the most dramatic impact on me.  As I open my eyes at the end of my meditation, an intense emotional rush ensues, very positive in nature.  Calming for sure.   The stress of the previous day fully released.

After exiting the train, I stopped in a Starbucks on the promenade in Penn Station.  I felt compelled to jot down some notes about my most interesting morning thus far.  The details flow effortlessly.   As my morning unfolds, I can’t help notice how energized, motivated and intuitive I feel.   My conclusion: I must maintain this practice every morning, develop something similar every evening and write more.   And so be it!

July 19, 2018