Today, my blog: “Axidental Retiree ~ Rants & Raves Related To Becoming Unexpectedly Unemployed” is being re-branded, so to speak. It’s been over five years since I was laid off and almost four years that I am in my current working role.

I will keep the title Axidental Retiree ~ not easy to change that. The tag line of the blog will now become: “My journey from working to being laid off to working again & into deeper spiritual exploration.” Clearly a mouthful, but it does capture what is going on here with some continuity to past posts.

The “deeper spiritual exploration” thing is important. I have somewhat “retired” from the five sensory construct to the six sense view, and a bit by accident (Axident). But not really – nothing is by accident.

Future posts will focus on deeper spiritual topics and things I am learning while on my journey into increased self awareness, intuitiveness and aligning with my Higher Self and the Divine Source. People who know me may not fully comprehend this shift, but I must say, “It feels so right and I have never felt more secure and confident that I am on to something very profound, powerful and enlightening!”

July 28, 2018