This morning I listened to a Marianne Williamson meditation podcast about work and money – to receive insight and inspiration on how to calm my uncertainty (fear) concerning my work life – Very spiritual and calming – just what I needed – it got me through the day.

On the train home, I listened to “Making Life Easy” by Christiane Northrup, MD – I was at the point in the eBook where she is talking about connecting with nature (trees, mountains, plants) – all spiritual (energy) like everything else in the universe.

So when I get home, feeling good, I went out in my backyard and hugged a tree (Yup, I did that!). This particular tree is holding up another tree, quite dead looking and leaning in the direction of my house. I maintained my hug for a few minutes, thanking it for protecting my home and then told all the mother-nature around me that I wanted to be with them for a long time.

I then headed out for a two mile walk in Stillwell Fields, a beautiful nature preserve nearby and frequent visiting place for walkers, runners and mountain bikers – the trails in the back are wonderful for whatever your mode of movement is.   While on my walk, I was listening to Louise Hay’s guided affirmations/meditation about releasing one’s fears – she is so calming.  This one affirmation went something like: “I am safe in cars and buses, in trains and planes, even on bicycles and skateboards ….”   At that exact moment, a biker rode past – I could not help but smile broadly!

I finished the meditation and walk, taking in the beautiful natural surroundings – I felt renewed, confident and happy.  Thank you Marianne, Christiane and Louise!   I am grateful to you for your inspiring and loving words.

August 1, 2018