After work today, during a walk in Stillwell Fields, I listened to a podcast by Michael Neill (Hay House Radio – 02/11/2016)  – To Dream the Impossible Dream.

The big take-away: “Providence takes over once you commit!”

Been dancing around the idea of being a writer – a published author – for some time.   It’s always been a dream and frankly, I believe, very doable.  So, what to write about?  It’s got to be something I am passionate about.  I had written a draft outline for a book of the things I’d share with my son or other younger people regarding what I am discovering on my spiritual journey.

I’ve been sharing podcasts and having conversations with Andrew about strategies to navigate stress.  I want to get into deeper stuff with him – personal letters seem the right vehicle; they get read, whereas with conversations, the listener can turn off and then all that is received is “blah, blah, blah…”

Upon the conclusion of the podcast, as I continued walking home, I opened my iTunes playlist – “Do you Believe in Magic” by the Loving Spoonful was the first song to play.

August 2, 2018