Dear Andrew,

Mom and I are on our last day out in Montauk – so far we have had really fine beach weather.  Am having coffee in a café on 27 – mom is still sleeping.  It’s raining lightly; should clear soon.

Yesterday, I commenced a ritual to clear the emotional wounds I have been carrying around for some time.  Since many of our wounds come from our early years and our parents, I wrote a letter to my father – calling him out on the many things I felt he did or did not do, that deeply wounded me.   I did not hold back on my blame, judgment, anger or disappointment.  It was very liberating.  I feel so much more balanced now.

I tell you this because maybe I, by my actions or inaction, am the source of some emotional wounds that you may be carrying – no doubt I am.   Maybe you’d like to write me such a letter or just talk.   Nonetheless, whatever I can do to help free you from stuff, like insecurities, anxieties, etc. – I am down for it!   I want for you the most incredible life you can envision and create for yourself.

Well – next up for today: off to do a walk/run, the farmer’s market, beach and then home.    Hope you have an awesome day!

My Love Always,


August 9, 2018

P.S.   Follow up text exchange with Andrew:

AB Text Re Harry Letter v2