Many years ago, when I was in a job where I was dying of integrity challenges, I decided to make a career change back into the information technology field.   In those days, getting a job required drug testing (I think it’s still done today in some places).  So for the sake of my young family I quit smoking marijuana.

I was a regular consumer and frankly, though not “addicted,” I was partaking more than occasionally.  Somewhere inside I also knew it would be good for me to give it up.   I transitioned without much challenge, fortunately – this was an important step for my family’s sake.

Since then I have not consumed marijuana to this day.   Almost immediately and over the years, I have experienced significant clarity of mind (absent is the mind numbing effect marijuana has on one’s decision-making, perceptions and motivation). It turned out that I gave up nothing and gained so much more in return.

Fast forward close to 30 years, I would enjoy a glass or two of red wine regularly. I was not addicted but did have a habit.  At times I would take a break from my consumption for a week or two.  I was beginning to feel that this routine, though not a problem, was not in my interests of evolving as a person.  As I continued on my spiritual journey, a voice kept subtly reminding me to stop.

Then one day, the message was loud and clear and in no uncertain terms – STOP!   And so I did.  That was over a month ago.   I have noticed that I now have greater intuitive perception.   I am not sure if it’s totally from the lack of alcohol – maybe my daily meditation is contributing.   Regardless, this is such a huge benefit.  When I need direction when I feel uncertain, I can access and rely on my intuition to enlighten me.

Addictions don’t have to be just drugs or alcohol – they can be things like our relationships with others, gambling, TV watching/binging, etc.   One addiction many of us have is “compulsive” eating – mine would start after 8:00PM every night, even though I wasn’t hungry.

Stopping this “addiction” was harder for me than drugs or alcohol.  So I tried something new and different – I prayed, saying:  “Dear God, please help me curb my excessive eating.”   The next evening, after dinner, I proactively made some tea – and had no snack.  I now have been snack-free after dinner for three weeks.  I have also noticed my regular dietary intake is in line with my real hunger needs.

Though I can’t say my food challenges were impacting my mind and clarity, I do know I was having a little mind chatter around “self-loathing” because I (ego talking) was not in control of my food intake.  This is gone now.

So if you have a habit challenging you or know you just want to release it, try a gentle loving prayer such as I have shared and see what happens.  If it does not work immediately, keep trying!  It’s worth the effort to have full clear access to your mind.


August 11, 2018