ingodwetrust3In God We Trust – that is the motto our country – it is written on all of our currency and blazoned upon municipal buildings all across America.

People say they believe in God – They pray to God for all sorts of intervention and desires, but do they trust in God to the point they completely surrender to God’s divine wisdom?  In some ways it is easy to “believe,” but by not having the true comprehension of the ultimate power and authority the Creator has in our lives, in cooperation with our goals and desires, we hedge on fully committing to God.

By trusting in God and surrendering – one develops faith in the Source of all things; that “thy will be done”, when in His wisdom, when it is right.  The trust factor enables and binds us to the co-creation aspect of our relationship with God. It also is tremendously liberating.

Maybe some people feel it is a sign of weakness to be into God; or maybe it’s a control thing – I need to be in control of my destiny.  Or maybe it just isn’t cool?  How many times have we listened to celebs give all praise to God in their acceptance speeches and thought “how lame?”  Or perhaps it’s our ego wanting the driver’s seat and not the back seat?

I have stumbled upon my renewed deep belief in God completely by accident (or is it?).   Subsequently, through the ancient wisdom traditions, scientific evidence,  deductive reasoning, respected opinions of thought leaders and Divine guidance, I have found trusting and surrendering has come naturally.  (More on this another time.)

Since having greater trust in God, I am seeing my little prayers, that only relate to me, are being answered in remarkable fashion.  Those prayers are as simple as:

Dear God, Heavenly Father, please help me with _________________.   (fill in the blank with what you need help with)

Such blanks have been:

  • Stop consuming alcohol
  • Curb after dinner snacking
  • Stay calm and be in the moment
  • Quiet my insecurity and anxiety
  • Your Divine guidance for I do not know what to do

Another prayer I often say silently in the morning and throughout the day: “Dear God, Heavenly Father, please fill my heart with your Divine love and light.”

These small prayers have helped me beyond measure in navigating the uncertainties I face in life.  My confidence in knowing, for sure, that everything will be more than just OK and that the outcomes, whatever they may be, will be to my liking and in accordance with my highest self and purpose.

I also make sure to thank God regularly for all my blessing and gifts – small or large.   A little bit of gratitude goes a long way!

With trust in God – my sense of self is flawless.  I feel protected, safe, empowered and loved.   Could anyone ask  for anything more?    In God I Trust.


August 9, 2018