angermgtThe clearing process I undertook to release the wounds inflicted by my father on me involved writing a letter to him, enumerating his “sins” and transgressions I experienced growing up.  The following day I burnt the letter.  This was a ritual recommended to me from a psychic astrology friend who saw that I had been deeply wounded and my father was the source.

The writing process on August 8, 2018 was emotional and liberating.  The burning process on August 9th was less so, but more subtle and it did give me some closure – I felt free.   My father’s big issue was his anger.   I have come to suppress mine having not always been able to channel it constructively and not liking what is looks like.   Suppression seemed better that uncontrolled or poorly expressed anger.

That night after burning my letter, my dreams had instances of anger and impatience.  I can conclude that it means that suppressed anger now and over the years is surfacing, like a pent up volcano oozing.  In fact, I feel some real anger directed at those I work with, particularly the CEO.

In addition to my new found emotions of anger – I am feeling a strong sense of empowerment.   I interpret this to meaning that by recognizing one’s anger, one is being truthful to one’s soul – always an empowering aspect and very high up there on standards I embrace.

In the days ahead I am going to write another letter; this one to the CEO where I work.  How better to release more wounds, engender grace and increase personal empowerment?    I will also do the burning part and will certainly not send it – this is purely a personal improvement measure.


August 10, 2018