The other day, I was contacted by a recruiter for a job opportunity as an IT Project Manager / Business Analyst at Sherwood Lumber in Melville, NY, (about 10 minutes from my house).  Could this prospect be the vehicle to give me what I want?

  • A transition platform from my current employer as a consultant on my existing projects
  • Continued work that would be less taxing
  • More quality time for myself
  • Closer to home and nature
  • No NYC ugliness
  • More writing and self-purpose activities

We went back and forth with revised and re-written resumes.  I was feeling pretty good about this!

The next day, as it turned out, they took a pass on me, said the recruiter in his follow up email.  “We did our best” he consoled.   I kept telling myself, it wasn’t meant to be, something better was in store … but I was still disappointed – not big time – just a bit bummed.

I began thinking, maybe I was looking for “rescue” from my current gig in this opportunity – not the best arrangement.  A few hours later, I went for a walk; I stopped alongside a building in the bright sun, so warm and comforting.  I looked down and saw a small feather, probably a pigeon’s.  To my right was a penny on the ground.  How remarkable!  Two signs that angels are around me.   With my spirits lifted, I headed back to the office.  This was going to be a good day after all!

August 22, 2018