writingI like to start each day, when I can (usually on weekends and days off), by writing something, with a cup of coffee, pen and paper, at the kitchen table or somewhere quiet and peaceful.   I will usually jot a topic at the top of the page and start writing without any preconceived notions of what I will write.  I confess, sometimes I have ideas floating about or even a loose outline in mind.

This may be referred to as “automatic writing” where the words are channeled (they just flow) from one’s higher self.  At first I thought it was what is referred to as “Proprioceptive Writing” which I learned about from the book ”Making Life Easy” by Christiane Northrup, MD.  Proprioceptive writing is different though – it may invoke channeling but its goal is to help identify core beliefs that are interfering with one’s ability to heal some aspect in one’s life.

Often my topic can be a question and writing acts like an oracle.  For example: “How can I achieve greater tranquility in my life?”  This question would enable my mind to serve up numerous “suggestions” or guidance for what I should consider doing.

I also use this method for letters – atop the page I write the goal of the letter and maybe a couple of points I want to cover and then let it flow.  Perhaps this is just what writing is, but when the words flow effortlessly, it seems like something more intuitive and special.

What I love about this way of writing is that it feels so natural and pure and the results are based on truth.  My pen moves across the page smoothly and freely – I don’t get stuck on wordsmithing (that comes later when editing – but usually not much is needed).

This way of writing also makes it clear to me my connection to my higher self, which has a lasting effect throughout the day.   I am amazed at times at the words that appear and how they resonate with “what I am feeling” and know deep down inside.    And then there is the emotional climax I sometimes experience when the result touches a part of me and provides a sense of healing or divine inspiration.

August 11, 2018