whoareyouThat is the question?  When we really know who we are, we are free or so I have heard it said in Deepak Chopra’s meditation today.

We can answer this question intellectually, however it needs to be answered from a spiritual experiential standpoint.  The deeper in one’s meditation, one can learn who they are; not an easy thing.

If the depth of meditation is between zero and one hundred – we start at zero and attempt to reach one hundred, where we experience our true self – it is a major challenge and no wonder meditation is often referred to as a practice.

Along the way, we get clues and glimmers, but only at one hundred will we really know.  Instinctively, I sense we can never fully reach one hundred. Therefore as we approach one hundred, with increasing confidence in who we really are – we will have to rely on faith to affirm our unfolding belief of who we are.

Never reaching one hundred, for most of us, forces us to keep returning for more.  We keep trying until we get it right.  Getting to ninety-eight or ninety or even seventy or eighty is not bad.   This must be the Universe’s playfulness and incomprehensibility at work.   Still, much enlightenment, peace, insight and guidance is available to us.

And with that, I keep practicing going deeper – Namaste!


August 12, 2018