moment of truthIn the course of my recent deep dive into personal development and greater self-awareness, I have uncovered / discovered how connected I am to the Divine.   Thus far, it has been a very fulfilling and satisfying experience.  I have been able to jot down revelations from deep within as well as intuit guidance while walking about.   It has given me such security.  Something I badly need and want in this uncertain world.

Yet, I still continue having feelings of dread and fear, of events occurring, that would be very disruptive to my life as I know it now.  So what to do?   I suspect continued work in expanding my awareness and practice will eventually lead to results of complete inner peace enabling me to grow spiritually and happily.

Typical of us people of these times, we expect instant results, though.  There must be another way.  And so as I was moving about the house, yesterday the thought, or was it guidance, hits me.  I could just surrender and turn over all my goals, wishes, desires and worries to the heavenly father and let Him/Her guide and direct me.

How comforting! What peace this idea gives me. I could envision when dread, fear or negative thoughts arise, just say “it’s in God’s hands” and release those thoughts and feelings and let calm and tranquility wash over me.

I had arrived at the moment of truth!  If all I want to achieve could be streamlined through surrender, would I do it?!  Why would I not? It seems like a no downside win-win proposition.

I want a glorious, meaningful, exuberant, productive life where I experience love and truth in all my steps to full realization and self-awareness.  I want a life of health, happiness and peace.  I have many dreams and desires which I want to fulfill.

I acknowledge that God, the Divine, Source, heavenly father or whatever you refer to that higher power, is the “expressway” to all that I strive for.  Therefore I commit to trust in Him/Her, surrender to His/Her wisdom and have faith He/She will be there always, guiding, protecting and loving me and my loved one.

And so be it.

August 15, 2018