is-it-timeIs it time to move on from my current employer? 

When I asked this question in an archangel oracle reading last night, it was revealed to me to listen to my mind and others (the card ‘Clairaudience’ was chosen).  I have had a number of career ideas floating around and have some conversations planned in the next few weeks with former colleagues, whose opinions I value, for their advice.

Nonetheless, I asked again today – Is it time to move on from my current employer?  And this is what I heard:

“You have been challenged for some time by the nature of the environment your employer has created.  Though you love your work, it has been unpleasant, at times, due to a number of aspects you feel are counter-productive for you to thrive.  No doubt, few organizations are perfect and finding one that will be your ‘happy place’ may not be easy or quick.  On the plus side, the challenges you have faced have strengthened you and have elevated your self-confidence and self-esteem.  You have come to believe in possibilities way beyond the mundane and are focusing your intentions and attention on where you can continue to make an impact and realize your full potential.  This could include creating the space, where you are, that embodies your vision of a best-in-class enterprise.  It may, however, be the time to dream even bigger and see where that leads – you may be very surprised where that takes you.  Don’t pack your bags just yet – but be ready!   I love you!”

September 1, 2018