IMG_4031I usually start my day by rising early (4:00 – 5:00 AM) and hopping on a commuter train into New York City for work.   Most days I arrive at my desk around 6:45 AM.  Immediately I commence following up on emails and other tasks in my queue.

I have become aware that sitting has become the new smoking so I get up and walk around as often as I can (this can be challenging for a desktop tech jockey).   I have also read that being in nature can be energizing and calming, but where in mid-town New York is one to find such, other than Central Park?

Nonetheless, getting outside and walking is still good.   On one of my walks, I came across the “Flower District”; one block on 28th street between 6th and 7th avenues.  On both sides of the street there are dozens of shops with zillions of flower bouquets, small trees/shrubs and plants galore – incredibly breathtaking and vibrantly colorful to take in and so invigorating as I stroll through this man-made floral paradise amidst the big city backdrop.

And then it’s back to the office with a renewed and recharged sense of purpose.   Have a Nice Day!

August 31, 2018