JEREMIEL2In a recent archangel oracle reading, I asked “Who Am I”?   This question was more about curiosity concerning what the reading would reveal than really wanting to know.  “Overcoming Difficulties” was the archangel card that appeared; it is  depicted by archangel Jeremiel; this archangel and the card’s description are very inspiring (see below).

It got me thinking – What if I did another reading the next day with the same question: Who am I?   I should receive the same result or card, right?

But, no – I wouldn’t.   I’d receive the card that reflects who I am at that point I time (admittedly, it is possible the same card could repeat, not likely though and certainly not likely day in and day out).

Therefore, what I am (or where I exist) determines who I am.   ‘What I am’ is a dynamic energy field that creates who I am.   Mike Dooley, author of “Playing the Matrix” alludes to this repeatedly in his book about manifesting.

When Moses stood before the burning bush, he asked God his name?  To which he was answered “I am who I am.”   This is consistent with the ever changing “Who am I” that is created in the dynamic energy field we exist in.

When we are asked “who are you,” the expected answer may be something like our name.  So I’d be answering: Ira, (the ever evolving soul that I am); although in my next life, I might be known as Roberto or Suzanne (but still will be that same evolving soul).

We (our souls) exist in this energy field of “pure potentiality” (Deepak Chopra) with the expressed purpose to create. The Universe is ever expanding because of all the creating we are doing.   It then seems that God, the energy field, does the creating – we (our thoughts, desires and expectations, etc.) are the instructions or ingredients to creation!

The epiphany here for me is we are co-creators with God.  We exist to create and do so implicitly without even consciously thinking about it.  And we have been doing this since the beginning and will continue to do so till the end.   And as Mike Dooley also states: “Thoughts Make Things.”  Our thoughts are the instructions or ingredients to our creations.

Overcoming Difficulties

The worst is behind you and you’re surmounting any personal challenges.

The challenges you’ve faced have made you stronger and have taught you new lessons. Instead of becoming bitter, you’ve opened your heart with compassion toward people in similar positions.  You’ve let go of any blame or feelings of victimhood.  This is why you’re now overcoming your personal challenges. Your positive outlook is attracting a loving solution and new situations at a higher level of spiritual understanding.  Stay positive!

August 24, 2018