Today I listened to a Hay House Radio podcast by Alan Cohen called “Who To Follow.”   Two things that moved me:

(1) Don’t give your power away – what more can one say!

(2) You participate in what disturbs you.  This was attributed to material in “A Course of Miracles.”   I found it very profound, speaking to the notion of how everything in our lives is part of a co-creation which we are behind.

These takeaways from the radio program were interesting especially in view of the highly stressful day I had at work.  No point in dwelling on those details.   But after thinking long and hard on my takeaways, this is what I affirm:

I affirm to create a smooth, non-disruptive career transition, in the next two months, that is for the highest good, according the grace of God.  And so be it!


September 27, 2018