Today, I was listening to an audio book by Esther and Jerry Hicks and their interview with the Non-Physical group consciousness Abraham.  There is much context that would be appropriate here, but too much to go into now.  To summarize greatly, this is what I took away from what I heard.

(1) Our purpose in life is to achieve joy or happiness

(2) We are “desire machines” constantly churning out desires within our minds expecting these desires to bring joy and happiness

(3) As soon as we frame a new desire, the Universe begins to arrange circumstances to fulfill that desire

(4) We need to match our vibrations (feelings) to those desires.  Somewhat like acting as if we have already achieved the desire.   This is where we “sabotage” our wishes – example:

We want more money in our lives, but we fixate on our past experiences (or stories) of lack or limiting beliefs, which frustrates the Universe’s delivery of our wish for more money, instead of how we would feel if we had more money.

How we feel is key. If we want to achieve prosperity, we need to feel prosperous.  Like attracts like.   Sounds so simple.  That is where being conscious of our thoughts is important.  We need to be more mindful of what we are thinking and when we find ourselves with thoughts/feelings that do not support our wishes, we need to drift back to more positive thoughts.  That is where the practice of meditation and affirmations are very helpful in keeping one on track.

Stay Positive & Follow your Bliss!