relax-05Often times my weekends are spent doing practically nothing, or at least nothing work related.   I may run errands, watch TV, play on the computer, go to the movies, partake in meals, exercise at the gym or walk in the neighborhood; for the past couple of months I have been attending a kundalini yoga class on the south shore.

But when it comes to doing any of the many work tasks I have in the queue, I just procrastinate and feel no guilt or concern.   Each Friday I bring home an inch thick folder of things I need to do, but never seem to get to it.   My weekends have become a 48 hour shabbat.

My work week is so filled with non-stop tasks, meetings and email communications that when it comes to my time off, I need the time off – to recharge, renew and rejuvenate. I sleep later and meditate longer.    Though I look at my iPhone continuously, seldom do I open any of the emails unless they look interesting or urgent (which is rarely the case).

Nonetheless, if there is a work task I WANT to tackle, I do.  Those tasks just don’t seem like work; more like puzzles which bring me pleasure and satisfaction and contribute to my improving sense of well-being.  Come Monday morning, I feel better equipped and prepared to handle the job related carousel of my dysfunctional workplace.

And so if you’ll excuse me now, I think I will go for walk on this lovely autumn day.