We were having coffee a few days before my son was to depart to London for a week long work related conference.  As Andrew sat in mild disillusionment, clearly showing he was not in a state of joyfulness, I wondered out loud, “what will make you happy?”  He hemmed and hawed, not really aware of what to say.  Out came fragmented phrases of random story lines of thoughts previously echoed in his mind.

I began to share with him that there is not much difference between one’s thoughts and feelings.   That there are only two kinds of thoughts, those coming from love and those coming from fear.  Thoughts from love are coming from one’s heart and should be honored and those coming from fear are from the ego and should be let go of.

We do have the control as to which thoughts stay or go.  Thoughts or feelings that give rise to happiness in us are desirable.  A continuous state of feeling happy will give us the key that opens the door to manifesting those things we truly desire.  Feeling happy is the secret sauce of manifesting in the universe.

I reiterated what I have shared many times before that a relaxed mind enables one to discern the real nature of our thoughts as to their source, fear or love.  Through the practice of meditation, one develops a relaxed mind and the keen sense of determining whether one’s thoughts are love or fear based.  And through meditation we also cultivate the art of letting go of those thoughts our ego is sending.

Andrew gazed at me as I concluded my lecture.  I could see him thinking “Jesus, Dad! Get real.”  The benefits of meditation has been a regular topic I have shared with my kids for years.  They have this resistance which I guess is youth based, though there are young people who do “get it.”  I suppose, like many things in life, when they are ready, if that day comes, they will get into it.

We finished our drinks, got up, shared our wishes for safe journeys, hugged and set out on our separate ways.  “See you in a few weeks – Love you – Peace!”

November 17, 2018