Dear Betty,

Hi there! I wanted to check in with you.

A while back we had talked about my sister and you  “saw” something there and advised I should go and see her.   Earlier this week her boyfriend called me with an update.  Not encouraging. She had been in the hospital having choked on some food.  I called her conservator and the report there was not reassuring either.

My sister had swallowing issues related to dementia and it was recommended she receive hospice.  I then spoke to her social worker; he had nothing more to offer.  Clearly I was troubled.  Hospice has such a terminal connotation.   I made plans to go to Hartford and see for myself the situation, yesterday.

Her condition, since our last encounter, had dramatically declined.  It was staggering.  Yet, we were able to spend some quality time although there were a few tense moments.   There were also some pure, raw emotional exchanges.   Siblings have unique ties, regardless of the state of their relationship.   There is a shared experience that no others can claim.

Some of the images from yesterday haunt me and probably will for a while.  Where did that beautiful child I knew so many years ago drift off to?   Who is that ghost standing in her shoes?  Her situation is stable and there are no imminent expectations regarding her future.   Yet, it is difficult to see sunny skies when I know there are dark clouds over the horizon.  I plan to make more visits after I have fully processed what I experienced yesterday.

I wanted to share this with; you had foreseen this in some ways and I thought it would interest you “professionally.”  Also, sharing it with you is helpful to me in processing what is happening.  Thank you my dear friend for listening to me.

Love and light,


February 23, 2019