Dear Betty,

Hi there! I wanted to check in with you.

A while back we had talked about my sister and you  “saw” something there and advised I should go and see her.   Earlier this week her boyfriend called me with an update.  Not encouraging. She had been in the hospital having choked on some food.  I called her conservator and the report there was not reassuring either.

My sister had swallowing issues related to dementia and it was recommended she receive hospice.  I then spoke to her social worker; he had nothing more to offer.  Clearly I was troubled.  Hospice has such a terminal connotation.   I made plans to go to Hartford and see for myself the situation, yesterday.

Her condition, since our last encounter, had dramatically declined.  It was staggering.  Yet, we were able to spend some quality time although there were a few tense moments.   There were also some pure, raw emotional exchanges.   Siblings have unique ties, regardless of the state of their relationship.   There is a shared experience that no others can claim.

Some of the images from yesterday haunt me and probably will for a while.  Where did that beautiful child I knew so many years ago drift off to?   Who is that ghost standing in her shoes?  Her situation is stable and there are no imminent expectations regarding her future.   Yet, it is difficult to see sunny skies when I know there are dark clouds over the horizon.  I plan to make more visits after I have fully processed what I experienced yesterday.

I wanted to share this with; you had foreseen this in some ways and I thought it would interest you “professionally.”  Also, sharing it with you is helpful to me in processing what is happening.  Thank you my dear friend for listening to me.

Love and light,


February 23, 2019

Another case for meditation



lightWhat is the most important thing in life?

The ego would have you believe, it is survival.

Thought leaders and evolved spirituals might offer alternatively that it is one’s relationship with one’s higher Self, the Source of all creation.

As in any relationship, the participants want, need, crave attention.

It is through meditation that we give attention to Source and through meditation we become more adept in our awareness of the attention Source is paying to us with the subtle messages that Source shares with us.

Therefore, meditation is our communication vehicle with Source.  It is where our prayers, deepest thoughts and feelings are most effectively revealed to Source.   The quiet calm we create with our minds thus allows us to perceive Source’s messages, responses and guidance.


December 14, 2018


What is a Miracle?


A miracle is a correction. It does not create, nor really change at all. It merely looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false. It undoes error, but does not attempt to go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness. Thus it stays within time’s limits. Yet it paves the way for the return of timelessness and love’s awakening, for fear must slip away under the gentle remedy it brings.

A miracle contains the gift of grace, for it is given and received as one. And thus it illustrates the law of truth the world does not obey, because it fails entirely to understand its ways. A miracle inverts perception which was upside down before, and thus it ends the strange distortions that were manifest. Now is perception open to the truth. Now is forgiveness seen as justified.

Forgiveness is the home of miracles. The eyes of God deliver them to all they look upon in mercy and in love. Perception stands corrected in His sight, and what was meant to curse has come to bless. Each lily of forgiveness offers all the world the silent miracle of love. And each is laid before the Word of God, upon the universal altar to Creator and creation in the light of perfect purity and endless joy.

The miracle is taken first on faith, because to ask for it implies the mind has been made ready to conceive of what it cannot see and does not understand. Yet faith will bring its witnesses to show that what it rested on is really there. And thus the miracle will justify your faith in it, and show it rested on a world more real than what you saw before; a world redeemed from what you thought was there.

Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from Heaven on a dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures come to die. Now they have water. Now the world is green. And everywhere the signs of life spring up, to show that what is born can never die, for what has life has immortality.


from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles

Five Principles of Reiki

reikiI came across these principles yesterday in talking with my yoga teacher.

They seem like good principles for all to live by.  Imagine the result!

Just take it one day at a time, just for today.

Just for today, do no anger.

Just for today, do no worry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will honor every living thing.

Just for today, give thanks for my many blessings.


Thoughts & Feelings


We were having coffee a few days before my son was to depart to London for a week long work related conference.  As Andrew sat in mild disillusionment, clearly showing he was not in a state of joyfulness, I wondered out loud, “what will make you happy?”  He hemmed and hawed, not really aware of what to say.  Out came fragmented phrases of random story lines of thoughts previously echoed in his mind.

I began to share with him that there is not much difference between one’s thoughts and feelings.   That there are only two kinds of thoughts, those coming from love and those coming from fear.  Thoughts from love are coming from one’s heart and should be honored and those coming from fear are from the ego and should be let go of.

We do have the control as to which thoughts stay or go.  Thoughts or feelings that give rise to happiness in us are desirable.  A continuous state of feeling happy will give us the key that opens the door to manifesting those things we truly desire.  Feeling happy is the secret sauce of manifesting in the universe.

I reiterated what I have shared many times before that a relaxed mind enables one to discern the real nature of our thoughts as to their source, fear or love.  Through the practice of meditation, one develops a relaxed mind and the keen sense of determining whether one’s thoughts are love or fear based.  And through meditation we also cultivate the art of letting go of those thoughts our ego is sending.

Andrew gazed at me as I concluded my lecture.  I could see him thinking “Jesus, Dad! Get real.”  The benefits of meditation has been a regular topic I have shared with my kids for years.  They have this resistance which I guess is youth based, though there are young people who do “get it.”  I suppose, like many things in life, when they are ready, if that day comes, they will get into it.

We finished our drinks, got up, shared our wishes for safe journeys, hugged and set out on our separate ways.  “See you in a few weeks – Love you – Peace!”

November 17, 2018

My Weekends

relax-05Often times my weekends are spent doing practically nothing, or at least nothing work related.   I may run errands, watch TV, play on the computer, go to the movies, partake in meals, exercise at the gym or walk in the neighborhood; for the past couple of months I have been attending a kundalini yoga class on the south shore.

But when it comes to doing any of the many work tasks I have in the queue, I just procrastinate and feel no guilt or concern.   Each Friday I bring home an inch thick folder of things I need to do, but never seem to get to it.   My weekends have become a 48 hour shabbat.

My work week is so filled with non-stop tasks, meetings and email communications that when it comes to my time off, I need the time off – to recharge, renew and rejuvenate. I sleep later and meditate longer.    Though I look at my iPhone continuously, seldom do I open any of the emails unless they look interesting or urgent (which is rarely the case).

Nonetheless, if there is a work task I WANT to tackle, I do.  Those tasks just don’t seem like work; more like puzzles which bring me pleasure and satisfaction and contribute to my improving sense of well-being.  Come Monday morning, I feel better equipped and prepared to handle the job related carousel of my dysfunctional workplace.

And so if you’ll excuse me now, I think I will go for walk on this lovely autumn day.


Spiritual Understanding



It occurred to me today that I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I’d like to writing and posting here.   My “full time” work on the job of maintaining the data warehouse system and planning for the office relocation has been very consuming.  Nonetheless here I am today.

razielLast night, I asked in an archangel oracle reading, “Please speak to me.”   Spiritually Understanding resulted (archangel Raziel); essentially acknowledging that my spiritual growth is rising.  In my meditation today, for my mantra, I used “I Love You.“

Last night, I asked in an archangel oracle reading, “Please speak to me.”   Spiritually Understanding resulted (archangel Raziel); essentially acknowledging that my spiritual growth is rising.  In my meditation today, for my mantra, I used “I Love You“.  (Don’t ask why; I just felt so compelled and subsequently my day was extraordinary!)

Thereafter while watching “George to the Rescue,” on a wall at the end of the show was a framed quote:

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”
― Asha Tyson

Confirmation of what I had been thinking.   An epiphany ensued.  No matter what, like it or not – I am in the right place now doing what I need to be doing for the greater good.  Escapism based upon fear is not the best basis for change.  Coming from a purer place of what I want will enable it to manifest and be more in alignment with universal order.

So what do I want?

  • I want to be happy and have fun!
  • I want to make a revolutionary impact in the world
  • I want to create on “RFP” process where I award a huge amount of money to a non-for-profit to further its mission
    • This could result in working with my former boss
    • It could also have many exciting tangential sidelines such writing a book, making a movie and speaking opportunities

Why?  This would be fun, exciting, fulfilling and fitting with my next steps in my soul evolution; it would offer the world “living proof” of the Infinite Power of the Universe.

I am open to allowing it!   So be it.


October 20, 2018

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.  No stress, pressure, tension, ill will with others or judgments and I made progress on my projects & tasks.   Just a day filled with joyfulness.  How to make this a daily occurrence:

  • meditate in the morning
  • follow my intuition and inner guidance
  • detach from outcomes
  • be authentic and truthful
  • exercise
  • affirm my desires
  • be mindful
  • go with flow – let go – let god


September 6, 2018